Quest Board Rewards

Do you remember those MMORPG dailies that offer rewards?

This is a fun way to get guaranteed progress each week! Complete enough dailies to complete weeklies and get them crazy Lesser Positive Scrolls to build your dream CS over time! (Disclaimer: Stats revert to normal when you unstake – so make sure you these are your forever-heroes!)

Daily Quests

Monday1x Diluted Potion
Tuesday100 $MEDALS
Wednesday1x T1 Goblin Part
Thursday200 $MEDALS
Friday1 $!ELM
Saturday200 $MEDALS
Sunday1x Random Elixir (Buff consumables)

Weekly Quest

Weekly QuestsReward
Go on 4x Quests200 $MEDALS
1x Lesser Positive Scroll
Craft / Dismantle 1x
Buy an Item from the Shop
Clear 1x Gold Rush
Complete 4x Daily Tasks (Full completion)

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