Quest Guide

Beyond just Assignments / Exploration, you can bring your Hero out to fight Goblins and Slimes (who knows what else in futooor??)

PSA: Don’t bite off more than you can chew, should you choose tougher dungeons, use healing potions / elixirs!

Where to find Quests?

  • Head over to the City Gates (you thought monsters live in the city?).
  • Clicky Quest
  • Choose a quest (corresponding to difficulty or loot target…etc.) & choose heroes
  • Clicky Embark Quest
  • PSA: You can bulk-quest if you somehow ended up aping multiple heroes in the same quest types.

Goblin Plains

  • Mostly drops Goblin parts (As of 1/4/2023).
  • Also drops $MEDALS and smol amounts of $ELM
  • Gold Rush is week-end only!
  • As of writing, $ELM is 2-3x more abundant on Slime Road (Below)
Quest$MEDALS CostsExpected $MEDAL (net of entry)Max $ELMRares
Adventure Begins500+120 to +2000none
Gold Rush500-400 to +10000.05Golden Goblin
Outskirts1,000-1000 to -5003-4Mage/HopGoblin
Outpost2,000c. -15005-6Leader

Slime Road

  • Mostly drops$MEDAL & $ELM on higher difficulties (As of 1/4/2023).
  • Slime Drops are needed to craft keys for entries to higher difficulties (Tempest is still missing a key too – so pending data)
  • Asides Slime Friend which is a literal stomp, further difficulties are a notch tougher than Goblin Plains (say by about ~5-10 levels worth)
  • Keys are permanent once crafted (no burn here!)
Quest$MEDALS CostsExpected $MEDAL (net of entry)Max $ELMRares
Slime Friend250+200 to +2500none
Slime Foe750+350 to +5000none
Slime Ambush1,500 + Key?2-5?
Slime Bandits3,000 + 3x Key???

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