Hopgoblin Guard

This guy is a mob! It looks exactly like the rare one you saw in Outskirts!

Goblin Warriors that pass some training get to become these guys.

The good news is that they net you more $ELM than Goblin Warriors (~0.3-5 per mob) but the bad news is, they do hit harder and have more HP. RST isn’t too ridic, but the higher AGI certainly makes hit rates a bigger pain.

Since you are supposed to be at least level 3 (ideally 4+) to clear this area, these guys shouldn’t present many issues to you. Just don’t try to GMI below level 3… (unless you’re a mega whale or your CS is souped max-AGI with the DMG/HP to boot)

Encounter Rate

Found inAppearance RateStages
Goblin Plains – Outpost100%1-3

Loot Table (Moar data pending)

Loot TableDrop RatesAmount Dropped
Big Goblin Insignia?1
Hopgoblin’s Axe10%1
Hopgoblin’s Helmet10%
Hopgoblin’s Shield10%

Stats Table (Moar data pending)

Total Stats565860695

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