Not to be confused with the common mobs in Goblin Plains – Outpost…this is a RARE mob encounter on outskirts!

Data is sparse and Tempest’s heroes have not encounter him very often at all!

First things first, this boss hits decently hard and comes with moar tankiness than Goblin Mages. He is very ready to stomp you and run off with that $ELM!

For Level 3 with decent prime stats, you should be able to clear him. It is recommended, as of consumable cost (as of 11/14/2022) to use some consumables to kill him if needed due to the amount of ELM dropped!

Encounter Rate

Found inAppearance RateStages
Goblin Plains – Outskirts5%3-5

Loot Table (Moar data pending)

Loot TableDrop RatesAmount Dropped
Big Goblin Insignia?1
Hopgoblin’s Axe10%1
Hopgoblin’s Helmet10%
Hopgoblin’s Shield10%
Goblin’s Club5%
Hopgoblin’s Doll2%

Stats Table (Moar data pending)

Total Stats11401380~1250

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