Goblin Warrior

These guys serve as the primary military force of the goblin armies.

While certainly more experienced and stronger than Trainee or Scrawny goblins, they do not represent a substantial threat to Elleria or the heroes.

In most cases, any warrior worth their salt should be able to dispatch them easily.

Oh, and it drops $ELM!

Encounter Rate

Found inAppearance RateStages
Goblin Plains – Gold Rush95%1
Goblin Plains – Outskirts30-50%1-5
Goblin Plains – Outpost60%2

Loot Table

Loot TableDrop RatesAmount Dropped
Small Goblin Insignia?1
Goblin Bones10%1
Goblin’s Ear10%
Goblin’s Hand10%
Goblin’s Bone Necklace10%
Goblin’s Leather Bundle10%
Goblin’s Club5%
Goblin Warrior Doll2%

Stats Table

Total Stats437576383

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