Goblin Trainee

Henlo!! LOOK at dat annoying faCE!!!! The opposite of…adventurers that go off to kill slimes & mushrooms in MMORPGs!

These guys are WEAK, just kill them!

Sadgely, due to being weak, they just drop $MEDALs and don’t even drop enuff to offset your costs in the outskirts!

Yes…you can meet them 2-3 times in a row on the outskirts and it is negative 600 MEDAL EV! (All that said, you will kill them anyways!)

Encounter Rate

Found inAppearance RateStages
Goblin Plains – Outskirts50%1-3

Loot Table

Loot TableDrop RatesAmount Dropped
$ELM0%0 (dun do dis to me bruv!)
Goblin Bones10%1
Goblin’s Ear10%
Goblin’s Hand10%
Goblin’s Bone Necklace10%
Goblin’s Leather Bundle10%
Goblin’s Club5%
Goblin Trainee Doll2%

Stats Table

Total Stats144476.5~343

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