Goblin Leader

If he’s wearing a crown and a YuuuuuuuuuGE axe, y’know this ain’t no cakewalk!

This guy is your typical bruiser (lots of HP + melee DMG) but thankfully is quite weak against Magic attacks due to low RST. (You know why those pesky CS or stronk mages command premiums now??)


Tempest has not officially killed this mob yet (got close but was lazy and didn’t use potions!) – but a mage with ~50 AGI / ~50 VIT/ INT 86 can clear him.

Use the special attack to soften him up and just go to town. Assuming the stats below, you will still get hit for ~20% HP every turn (works out to about 110-150), so use those recovery potions below 50% HP! Feel free to also use elixirs to improve your win rate too!

Beating this guy drops a decent stash of $ELM and if lucky, a goblin doll which can be sold or dismantled for rare gems.

Encounter Rate

Found inAppearance RateStages
Goblin Plains – Outpost10%3-5

Loot Table (Moar data pending)

Loot TableDrop RatesAmount Dropped
Goblin Leader’s Crown?1
Goblin Leader’s Belt?
Goblin King’s Axe?
Goblin Leader Doll?

Stats Table (Moar data pending)

Total Stats??~1700

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