Exploration Guide

Tired of just farming $MEDALS?

What if your hero was strong enough to tackle Explorations which offered rare materials & even $ELM?!

Important Note: While the rewards are lucrative, be warned a LOOOOT of work goes in to make such high-level heroes qualify for this!

Where to find Exploring?

  • Head over to Adventurer’s Guild & click “Explorations”.
  • Make sure you meet the level requirements
  • Find the ideal exploration & “View”
  • Smashe “Send new Hero”!

Level Table & Benefits

  • No class restrictions – just level limits
  • Rewards are divided by participants in the pool!
  • What this means:
    • If 100 heroes in Necropolis, that means every hero gets 2 Vials per day
    • If 10 heroes in Lair, that means every hero gets 0.1 Miracle Scrolls per day (yes – you can claim partial amounts!)
$ELM pool
Reward pool
20Necropolis0200xVial of Mysterious Blood
40Overworld100100xELM Shards
50Ruins1001xExalted Scroll
60Lair1001xMiracle Scroll

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